Software Testing Best Practices that Should Not Be Overlooked

Understanding software testing best practices can help you make better decisions. Software testing is known to be very important for final project delivery, and conducting testing practices can save you the most money and time. In this blog, we will explore software testing best practices.

Early Involvement

Many testers only join the software development lifecycle in the later stages. However, early involvement can help you better understand requirements and identify issues sooner.

Example: Participating in the initial brainstorming sessions can help you gain a deeper understanding of the mobile banking app's functionalities and goals, enabling you to design targeted testing strategies and test cases.

Consider Business Value

Testers often focus too much on technical details and overlook the business value. However, understanding the business value of the software can help prioritize testing of the most critical features.

Example: In a social media platform, the ability to create and share posts holds high business value. Therefore, testing this feature should be given priority.

Learn Programming

Although not all testing tasks require programming, acquiring some programming knowledge can help you better understand the software and conduct more effective testing.

Example: Learning how to write automated test scripts using Python can improve testing efficiency and provide a deeper understanding of the underlying mechanics of the software.

Continuous Learning

Software testing is a continuously evolving field, with new tools and technologies emerging. Therefore, continuous learning is crucial.

Example: Staying updated on new testing frameworks and methodologies, such as shift-left testing or behavior-driven development, can help you adapt better to the dynamic nature of the industry.

Test Environment Management

Test environment management is often overlooked, but it plays a significant role in testing accuracy and efficiency.

Example: Properly configuring and maintaining the virtualized test environment, such as simulating various network conditions, can ensure comprehensive testing coverage and avoid potential network-related issues.

Data and Privacy Security

Data and privacy security are often overlooked during the testing process, especially when dealing with sensitive information. However, they are essential considerations.

Example: When testing a healthcare application, it's crucial to ensure that patient data remains encrypted and that access controls are implemented correctly to protect the privacy and integrity of sensitive medical records.

Comprehensive Test Case Design

When designing test cases, we often overlook edge cases or exceptional scenarios. However, these cases often uncover hidden issues in the software.

Example: When testing a navigation app, in addition to regular route calculations, various scenarios such as alternative routes, offline mode, or unexpected GPS signal loss should also be tested.

Cross-Department Collaboration

Testers need to collaborate not only with developers but also with other roles such as product managers and UX designers. This helps gain a comprehensive understanding of the product and conduct better testing.

Example: By collaborating with UX designers, you can better understand user interactions and ensure a seamless user experience throughout the mobile gaming app.

Regression Testing

After software release, regression testing is often overlooked. However, regression testing helps ensure that modifications and updates have not introduced new issues.

Example: After each software update for a video conferencing application, regression testing should be performed to verify that existing features, such as screen sharing or audio quality, continue to function properly.

By following these software best practices, development teams can enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of their testing processes, resulting in high-quality software products that meet user expectations. WeTest is committed to promoting these best practices and supporting organizations in achieving their testing goals. Professional teams and services are continuously available for your product software, whether it is performance testing or security testing, to maximize all your needs.

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