Why Cloud-based test automation So Popular?

Cloud-based test automation is an approach to software development that utilizes cloud technology to speed up testing and software releases. From game development to machine learning projects and even automation testing, everything is on the cloud.

Reduced cost

Cloud-based test automation helps you save cost, you could get everything set up on the cloud and do not need to worry about the set-up of the infrastructure. The cloud service provider also covers all infrastructure, hardware, maintenance costs and eliminates extra upfront expenses.

Faster and more efficient

Cloud-based test automation could provide multiple test environments and shorten testing cycles, It helps fix issues and deploy new features. It allows your team to get results more fast.


Cloud-test automation enables multiple teams even remote employees access the same cloud configurations,It delivers faster feedback loops and eliminates the previous impediments in siloed teams.


Parallelization allows test teams to spin up multiple pre-configured test environments side-by-side that mimic various testing parameters of your systems under test .Once tests are completed on any one of these environments, the results are reported back without retaining user data.


Cloud-based test automation could optimize the IT resources, As test requirements change, organizations can increase or decrease their testing capabilities by automating the scaling of test execution.

WeTest provides cloud-based mobile testing service that allows you to perform automated testing in popular frameworks, if you are interested, try WeTest for your mobile application testing.

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