Top 6 Software Testing Trends in 2023: Hot and Intelligent

What are the hottest software testing trends in 2023? The field of software testing is constantly evolving due to rapid advances in technology and ever-increasing customer demands. This article examines the top 6 latest trends in software testing shaping the industry.

Best Software Testing Trends

Here we list the top 6 best software testing trends right now. Go on reading to learn the development direction of software testing.

The Application of Artificial Intelligence

The application of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) approaches is nothing new to the software research community with large amounts of data available, but recent advances in AI/ML offer new opportunities to meet the challenges of software testing. However, the application of AI/ML to testing is still in its early stages. Organizations will find ways to streamline their testing practices with AI/ML.

AI/ML algorithms are developed to generate better test cases, test scripts, test data, and reports. Predictive models help determine where, what, and when to test. Intelligent analytics and visualizations help teams identify bugs, understand test coverage, high-risk areas, and more. In the years to come, we expect to see more applications of AI/ML when tackling problems such as quality prediction, test case prioritization, defect classification, and allocation. 

Agile and DevOps

Companies have utilized Agile in response to rapidly changing requirements and DevOps in response to demands for speed. And DevOps includes the practices, rules, processes, and tools that help integrate development and operations activities to reduce the time from development to operations. It has become a widely accepted solution for companies looking for ways to shorten the software lifecycle from development to deployment to operations.

The adoption of Agile and DevOps has enabled teams to develop and deliver quality software faster, also known as "Quality of Speed." The development of it has generated a lot of interest and will continue to grow. 

Test Automation

To effectively adopt DevOps practices, software teams cannot ignore test automation, for it is a key part of the DevOps process. We need to find a way to replace manual testing with automated testing.

Given the popularity of DevOps and the fact that test automation is underutilized, there is plenty of room for enterprises to adopt more test automation. More advanced methods and tools are bound to emerge to help you use test automation more effectively in your projects. Existing popular automation tool, like WeTest Automation, is enhanced with new features that make automation easier and more effective. 

Exploratory Testing

The market needs to deliver products faster, so testers are urged to write formalized test cases. Exploratory testing is the only type of testing that encourages testing from another perspective to identify unknown risks and defects.

With the tester's domain knowledge and mindset, exploratory testing can be performed to explore the product more intuitively. Because exploratory testing is performed without scripted test cases, testing is more controlled by the tester and helps explore the application from the end-user perspective. 

Non-functional Test

Non-functional tests such as performance, accessibility, and security tests are becoming more and more important to deliver products faster. However, NFT is always a separate process and happens at the end of the release cycle. Errors identified at the end of a regression cycle cannot be fixed before they reach end users and they may need to be added to the backlog.

When performing non-functional testing, it becomes more difficult to find faults before the end of the cycle. For this reason, the NFT should be implemented in a continuous testing (CT) cycle. For example, you can run carefully identified performance test cases in CT to test whether your application can perform well. Similarly, for accessibility, accessibility testing can be performed as part of the sprint user story. This allows developers to fix issues immediately without waiting until the end. 

Next Generation Mobile Test

The next-generation mobile is one of the most popular test software testing trends. Many organizations and small businesses rely heavily on mobile apps and invest heavily in developing and delivering them to their users. This means you need extra manpower and eyes to do mobile testing. Manual mobile testing on real devices is not suitable in today's fast-paced software delivery model.

Testers around the world should consider adopting modern mobile automation strategies. An automation service from WeTest can help you test your mobile apps more robustly. Mobile tests should not only run on the latest devices but also support older models. WeTest is capable to run tests across different device models and operating system versions. 


The post describes the top 6 best software testing trends in this era. Staying abreast of these emerging trends helps companies improve their testing methods and deliver superior software products that meet the demands of today's digital world. You might as well try these new trends to make the software testing course more intelligent and effortless.

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