Introducing CrashSight: A Comprehensive Crash Analysis Solution


CrashSight is a powerful crash analysis tool supporting all platforms (mobile, PC, and consoles) and providing professional services, including crash/exception detection, reporting, analysis, and solutions. It helps developers locate and address problems more efficiently, continually improving the user experience of their products.

CrashSight Websites

Supported Platforms and Engines

  • Platforms: Mobile (iOS, Android), PC (Windows), Consoles (Nintendo Switch, PS, Xbox)
  • Engines: Unity, UE4, Cocos

Key Features

CrashSight offers a range of features to streamline your crash analysis process:

  • Exception overview, crash list, crash details, advanced search, and alerting system
  • Native OOM monitoring and detailed memory information collection
  • Improved backtracking stability and ANR identification accuracy
  • Customized data automatic statistics and real-time overall statistics
  • Comprehensive alerting system for version-level, issue-level, and error-type alerts
  • Data compliance worldwide

Integration Guide

Integrating CrashSight into your project involves four steps:

  • Environment selection: Choose between domestic and overseas environments based on your project's release location.
  • Project creation: Projects are currently created by the platform, but self-creation will be available soon. Obtain the necessary AppId and AppKey after joining the project.
  • SDK Integration: Select the appropriate SDK for your project, such as mobile SDKs or PC SDKs. Mobile SDKs include application, Unity, Unreal, and Cocos SDKs.
  • Symbol table upload: Upload the corresponding symbol table to restore a crashed stack. Use the provided symbol table tools to create and upload the symbol table.

Environment Selection

Project Creation

Send an application email to for project creation. Self-creation will be available soon.

SDK Integration

Refer to the following integration guides based on your project type:

Symbol Table Upload

Use the provided symbol table uploading tools to create and upload the symbol table for both mobile and PC platforms. Direct uploads from the web page are not supported.

With CrashSight, you can effectively identify and resolve compatibility issues, ensuring a seamless user experience across various devices and platforms. Start optimizing your app's performance today with CrashSight

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