Inspect Element iPhone: How to Do That Within Steps

This article addresses the iPhone element inspection issue and explores how to access it.

What Is Inspect Element

Inspect Element iPhone is a web development tool built into the Safari browser by Apple that gives developers access to a wide variety of design tools. The Web Inspector is a tool available in your web browser that allows you to edit the components or code responsible for rendering each web page you view. There are various tabs within it with a clean and consistent design that you can arrange to suit your workflow. You can use macOS Sierra's timeline to find ways to debug memory. You can optimize your styling with widgets for over 150 of the most popular CSS properties. Find bugs, improve web performance, check mobile views and source code, and much more with the Web Inspector feature at your fingertips. 

How to Inspect Element iPhone

A variety of solutions can inspect element iPhone quickly and easily. Here, three commonly used methods are described concisely. Check them and find the most suitable way to inspect elements on your iOS mobile.

Solution 1. Inspect Element iPhone with Safari Developer

Apple provides an easy-to-use feature that allows web developers to debug and inspect web elements on real iPads and iPhones. Simply plug in your iPhone, activate Web Inspector and you're good to go. To activate Web Inspector on your iPhone, just: Go to Settings > Safari > Scroll Down > Open Advanced Menu > Enable Web Inspector. But you have to note that this feature only works on Apple Mac, not Safari on Windows.

Here are the steps to inspect with the Safari developer in detail:

1. Click Safari > Preferences > Advanced.
2. Inspect Elements on iPhone with Safari Devtools.
3. Use the Safari developer tools to enable the Show Develop Menu check box in the iPhone's Inspect Element menu bar.


Once this is done, the Develop menu in the top bar will be active. Clicking on the Develop menu will show the iPhone connected to the option and the web page active on the connected device. Clicking on this page will open a Web Inspector window for the same page. 

Solution 2. Inspect Element iPhone with Web Inspector

Apple has a Web Inspector feature that allows developers and testers to debug web pages from their mobile phones. Before we look at how to use this option to verify items on your iPhone, let's take a look at the requirements. To do this, you need two things.

1. Introduction machine
2. A device for testing your website or app.


Getting all the devices you want to be inspected and tested is a very difficult task. This is just as good as maintaining an internal device library. The problem with maintenance, however, is the high set-up and maintenance costs associated with it. You need to make sure your equipment is up-to-date and properly maintained. Even if you test, you can still test your browser version. 

Solution 3. Inspect Element iPhone with Chrome

If you're using an iPhone and want to take advantage of Chrome's Inspect Elements feature to inspect element iPhone, follow these steps:

Launch the Chrome app on your iPhone. Then touch the horizontal line in the upper left corner of the screen to display the menu bar. Scroll down and select "More Tools" and select "Inspect". A new window will appear showing the code and styles of the page being displayed. You can then edit its code or style to see how it affects your page. To close the Inspect Items window, tap the "x" in the upper right corner. Using Inspect Element in Chrome on iPhone is very easy. Try it now and see how you can improve your web development skills. 

Note: Suppose the above solutions still don’t work on your device, or you feel those methods are hard to apply, you can ask a comprehensive mobile device test tool, WeTest, for help. It can directly detect the error on your iPhone, without wasting your time and energy in finding the bug. Except for the real device test, it also works efficiently in testing apps, webs, compatibility issues, and more. Have a trial to make the test process easier.


That’s how to inspect element iPhone. Whether you are a software developer or simply curious about the inner workings of websites, knowing how to inspect elements is beneficial. To test your device throughout, you can select the one-station testing service, WeTest.

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