Challenges and Solutions in Exception and Crash Management.

Nowadays, The online environment is complex and abnormal errors are hard to find, "needle in a haystack" will lead to low efficiency, high cost of troubleshooting.

The problems such as delayed data reporting, limited man power & millions of crashes have brought industrial challenges in exception and crash Management. In this article ,we will introduce the challenges and solutions in exception and crash Management.


Pain Point 1: Online environment is complex and abnormal errors are hard to find.

Solution: CrashSight has the ability to fully collect anomalous errors (crashes, shutters, ANRs).

  • Native Crash Reporting: For Android applications, the first is to support ARM/X86 platforms, C/C++ type crash reporting.
  • Unity& UE4 Crash Reporting: Game engine script anomaly heap full catch.
  • Comprehensive Information: In addition to the error stack, a wealth of information is collected with CrashSight on the run of the error, providing more clues to locate and resolve Crash.


Pain point 2: Abnormal error is difficult to locate with low efficiency, high cost of troubleshooting


  • Cross-Version Error Analysis: CrashSight's cross-version analysis will help you verify the status of anomaly fixes.
  • Exception Labeling: CrashSight will add a different label to each issue to easily categorize and find specific types of exceptions
  • Crash Advanced Search Capability: CrashSight has the industry-leading Crash search capability to improve the efficiency of your team in resolving exceptions.


Pain Point 3: Delayed data reporting


  • 24-hour real-time monitoring capability: WeTest CrashSight has real-time reporting, instant understanding of application Crash anomalies.
  • Flexible setting advanced configuration: WeTest CrashSight has customize alarm configuration, a variety of alarm conditions, support for receiver configuration.


Pain Point 4: Data Compliance


  • Tencent's cloud servers and computing services are deployed in Singapore and Silicon Valley.
  • Tencent has lots of overseas gaming practices.Bottom LineCrashSight is a product for global mobile developers to report exceptions, it helps developers quickly find and resolve exceptions. It provides the ability to diagnose client exceptions in mobile games.

Bottom Line

To get a glimpse of just how powerful WeTest Crashsight is and how it can help you report and resolve issues, click here

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