How to check Compatibility of Mobile Apps and Games?

How to check compatibility of mobile games and common applications on Android and iOS is the most common we receive on our platform. In this blog post, we are going to cover this topic in detail.


Mobile devices including other smartphone devices which we are accustomed to are becoming an integral component of daily life. Businesses must adapt to mobile devices to reach their target market given the increase in smartphone usage around the world. Given the scale of the opportunity, mobile compatibility testing of your website becomes crucial. Testing for mobile compatibility makes sure that the software application functions as intended on a variety of browsers, mobile devices, networks, and hardware. It is a way for a tester to confirm that the program will run properly on the consumer's preferred device.

Usability testing and mobile compatibility testing are frequently mistaken. Compatibility testing verifies that the program under tests functions as expected across the combination of devices and browsers, whereas usability testing concentrates on appearance and usability.

Why Checking Compatibility is Important?

A produced program must function as intended and be accessible to the widest possible audience across a variety of hardware, software, browsers, and networks. Testing for mobile compatibility is essential to ensuring that the product is delivered to customers in the way that was intended. 

These tests will confirm that the program is compatible with all commonly used hardware, web browsers, and operating systems. Device compatibility testing is therefore essential for growing the clientele, lowering the bounce rate, and improving user experience.

If one is not doing compatibility tests, they will eventually run into these issues:

1. Website navigation differs from that on a larger screen while using a mobile device. (desktop). It should be verified that the navigation is fluid on all types of devices and browsers.

2. A desktop-designed website might not display properly on a mobile or tablet. It is preferable to check that the website fully loads and fits on the device's screen.

3. Websites on desktop computers are always shown in landscape mode. However, a website can be seen in both portrait and landscape mode on a mobile device or tablet. 

4. Desktop websites are always seen in landscape orientation. However, a website can be seen in both portrait and landscape mode on a mobile device or tablet. It should be verified that the website loads and operates well in both modes without any UI stretching, distortion, or bugs.

5. A desktop-optimized website will have a desktop-appropriate font size, image height and width, and brand logo. On a mobile device, it is important to make sure that the font size, graphics, and logo are appropriate for the screen size and resolution of the device.

How to check Compatibility of Mobiles Apps/Games?

Automation scripts are heavily used during application testing. Before or after the creation of the textual test case, these scripts are created. As setting up automation scripts typically takes a lot of time, numerous frameworks and tools have been developed to speed up automation. Game testing is a difficult undertaking that demands a lot more focus and commitment. In comparison to application testing, the technology advancements and dynamics involved in game testing are relatively high. The hardware market is indeed dominated and led by games. Typically, game testers are top performers who are also technological gurus. They are incredibly creative and think outside of the box. It could be a little trickier to become a software application tester than a game tester. 

In terms of application testing, each project only has a few testers. However, a single project in game testing may include a large number of testers. A tester can also work on multiple projects at once when performing application testing. However, no game tester can be working on more than one project at once. It could be a little trickier to become a software application tester than a game tester. Application testers must possess enhanced testing expertise and a better level of perception. However, game testers don't necessarily need these abilities.

There are several methods for testing games, all of which focus on making applications bug-free. Here, we provide three widely used testing methods in order to effectively answer the question of how to check the compatibility of apps/games:

Combinational Testing:

The performance of the gaming application is examined by the QA team using the combinational testing methodology. This testing strategy aids in the early detection of defects that speed up the development process.

Additionally, does the testing methodology confirm whether or not the requirement paper is followed? Combinational testing synchronizes the outcome by applying several combinations of inputs under the guidance of a QA specialist. Additionally, combinational testing is essential to driving quality and productivity, making gaming applications incomplete without it. When creating a game application, one should unquestionably conduct combinational testing.

Functional Testing: 

As the name suggests, this method allows testers to determine whether an application is functioning following the requirements. The QA team searches for general application concerns throughout the process, such as asset integrity, audio video, scalability, graphical representation, etc.

The testing team also verifies how well the application performs in instances involving an abrupt switch-off, restart, or crash. These environments are designed by the QA team taking into account real-world circumstances.

Cleanroom Testing:

Gaming applications must be tested in a cleanroom. Sometimes the QA team reports the same defects repeatedly without being able to pinpoint the root cause. Therefore, Cleanroom Testing is crucial in these situations. One can pinpoint the precise origin of faults and minor errors using the strategy of this testing approach.

Additionally, the gaming application is productive and the testing effort is reduced thanks to cleanroom testing techniques. Even test subjects can have fun playing the game. We have control over all testing techniques because we are a top testing firm. Apart from these three approaches, testers also use many other ways to check the compatibility of games. 

Why checking the compatibility of Apps/ Games on Real devices is Important?

Since we already explained the question of how to check compatibility, now we can also touch on other concepts. Although there are emulators and simulators on the market for testing, using them for testing is very different from using actual physical devices. Emulators simulate the mobile environment; testing does not account for real-world circumstances. As a result, testing on emulators or simulators may be ineffective or inaccurate. Additionally, it makes it difficult to detect compatibility issues brought on by device fragmentation.

Testing on actual hardware offers a realistic environment and allows for the exact behavior of programs to be seen as end users would experience it on their devices. With genuine device testing, network problems, incoming call interruptions, network, etc. are all simply simulated. Users can run, test, and explore the functionality of the program using this sort of testing, just as they would on a mobile device.

An actual functioning device lab requires a lot of resources and comes with a hefty overhead cost, though. Purchase and maintenance of new devices appear difficult given how frequently they are introduced to the market. It can be beneficial to subscribe to a cloud-based infrastructure like BrowserStack when deciding whether to construct or buy for a real device lab.

WeTest offers compatibility testing which is carried out on hundreds of real devices in professional labs and standard protocols with their Live Testing and compatibility testing for mobile appsmobile games, and PC games.

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