Game Quality Forum Global 2023: WeTest's Winning Strategy for Flawless Gaming Experiences

The Global Game Quality Forum 2023 was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands from June 27th to June 29th. At the forum, Felix AH KANE, Platform Architect of Tencent WeTest, delivered a speech and introduced Tencent WeTest's winning strategy for flawless gaming experiences.

The Global Game Quality Forum 2023 was held in Amsterdam, the Netherlands from June 27th to June 29th. The theme of this forum is "Driving Quality, Culture and collaboration for the Global Gamming Community". The forum covers the areas such as quality assurance, localization, and player community, and brings together authoritative experts and industry leaders from domestic and foreign game industries. At the forum, Felix AH KANE, Platform Architect of Tencent WeTest, delivered a speech and introduced Tencent WeTest's winning strategy for flawless gaming experiences.


The Main Capabilities Required for High-Quality Games

What kind of product is a high quality game?Maybe everyone has a different answer. WeTest defines a high-quality game from 8 dimensions, each dimension should meet specific requirements, then it will deserve the title of high quality game. These 8 dimensions are novel gameplay, rich game storylines, logical numerical design, good client performance, excellent compatibility, high security, performance under weak network and good server stability.

How Mobile Game Improves Income Rating through WeTest Testing Tools and Services

If a mobile game faces these five data points:49.5% of reviews on the Apple App store were negative, only 3 stars in apple store, more than 2000 compatibility bugs not fixed, user crash rate higher than 7%, client performance issues affected 67% users. People will think that it is not a high quality product. In this case, WeTest has adopted three optimization methods for this mobile game, namely gameplay optimization, compatibility optimization, and performance optimization.

Gameplay Optimization

This mobile game has encountered some issues in small-scale user testing, including poor reputation, low channel ratings, and experience quality affected by bugs. To address these issues, WeTest conducted game testing in four areas. Firstly, conduct multi-person quality testing, with over 10000 people participating in the evaluation and providing quick feedback. Secondly, evaluate the gameplay and optimize it through thousands of people. Thirdly, the competition review will cover 3-5 productions, mainly focusing on the gameplay design. Finally, the special content evaluation will pay attention to customized scenarios. The entire game testing process is divided into six steps, including gather requirements, Recruit testers, Manage confidential testing processes, Distribute tasks, start testing, output reports. Our crowd testing solution covers over 20 countries and each top 3 ISPs, identifying high latency scenarios, network connectivity issues, locate the problem protocol, Expose the packet problem.. Through these tests and adjustments, the game's reputation and rating have been improved, and the quality of the game has significantly improved.


Compatibility Optimization With Automation Platform

In the face of the fragmentation challenge of Android, it is very important to choose a suitable test device model. WeTest determined the test model through user insight, among which the TOP300 models covered 87% of game users. For this mobile game, WeTest tested the TOP500 model, covering more than 90% of game users. In order to improve testing efficiency, WeTest utilizes the automation platform to support multiple frameworks and options for submitting tests. Through the automation platform, WeTest can trigger the game, automatically enter the game scene, traverse various scenes and find problems, and finally generate an in-depth test report. After this optimization, the game has achieved excellent compatibility, the crash rate has been reduced to less than 2%, covering more than 90% of users, and 99% of bugs have been fixed, rash rate is only 1.2%. WeTest achieved the excellent compatibility.

Performance Optimization

In laying out the game development process, WeTest emphasizes the importance of performance optimization in the game development process to ensure smooth game experience, responsive controls and overall player satisfaction. At the same time, WeTest solves the pain points and challenges in the process of cross-platform application development, testing and operation, including the lack of stable testing and analysis tools, the difficulty of multiple iterations of data, and the inability to recreate or locate problems encountered by actual users. To this end, WeTest provides solutions such as PerfDog, CrashSight and PerfSight. By tracking the performance trend of user scenarios, in-depth analysis of each frame, and comparing data of different time periods, WeTest successfully solved the problem of performance degradation caused by an automatic SDK upgrade, and achieved FPS stability and DAU increase.

WeTest:One-Stop Platform for Full Lifecycle of Mobile Games

WeTest was born with global vision and structure: product development team is mainly distributed in China, Singapore, and North America, The technical operations team is spread across North America, Europe, and Singapore, with North America and Singapore as the core. The business development team covers four major international regions: North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, and Japan and South Korea.


Over the past 10 years, WeTest has gradually developed a product system for the global industry. At the foundation, there are IaaS infrastructure components such as overseas dedicated lines and real devices. In the middle layer, there are open APIs and component capabilities that can be easily integrated into customers' business processes. At the top layer, there are standardized SaaS products and services that are ready-to-use, helping enterprises build their own technical architecture and improve efficiency while reducing costs. As a one-stop platform for the full lifecycle of game development, WeTest have served 3million users, 8000 enterprise in 100 industries.

Partner with WeTest and experience superior quality assurance for your games. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how we can help you achieve your goals.

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