Driving Software and Gaming QA Forward: Global Partnership for Quality at EuroSTAR 2024

Discover WeTest Global's impact at EuroSTAR 2024, where we showcased our expertise in software and gaming QA.

WeTest Global's involvement in the esteemed EuroSTAR 2024, which took place in Stockholm from June 12th to 14th, was received with immense eagerness. Software QA developers from various corners of the globe convened at the location, fostering an energetic and lively ambiance.

(The 2024 EuroSTAR held at Stockholm)


(EuroSTAR welcomed QA developers from all over the world)


(WeTest Global's booth at EuroSTAR 2024)

WeTest Global's booth attracted a large number of software developers and QA experts. Integrating cutting-edge QA testing tools and a dedicated expert team, WeTest Global has provided QA Services to more than 1 million corporate and individual developers in over 140 countries. Many visitors engaged in enthusiastic conversations with WeTest Global's staff and gained a deeper understanding of WeTest Global's testing expertise.

WeTest Global provides a full range of end-to-end testing services and testing efficiency-boost products for mobile, PC, and console terminals. The team has delivered high-standard service to 500,000 games and applications, ensuring the quality of mobile, PC, and console games and applications throughout the process from demo and R&D to operation.

WeTest Global attained remarkable success during this year's EuroSTAR, engaging in significant dialogues and partnerships with software developers and QA specialists globally. Currently, WeTest Global eagerly anticipates its return to next year's event, aiming to collaborate with international developers once again to produce top-notch software.


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