Steps for Usage of PerfDog

WeTest PerfDog is a full mobile platform performance Test & Analysis tool, it improves the performance and quality of applications and games.

What can PerfDog do?

It could test and analyze the performance of full mobile platform (iOS/Android), quickly locate and analyze the performance issues, improve the performance and quality of apps and games. It is a tool which is no need of ROOT/Jailbreak on the phone, no need of extra settings in mobile hardware, extremely simplified, plug-and-play.

Steps for Usage of PerfDog

Step 1: Manage Task

The first step is to unzip the PerfDog Client, you could start it on your PC/Mac and then create test tasks in Cloud Dashboard.

Step 2: Add device

Connect your mobile phones by USB with your PC/Mac, PerfDog will auto-detect the connected device and add it to [device list]. ( iOS: Plug and play, no more operations, Android : 2 modes, non-installation mode& installation mode )

Step 3: Run Tests

Select testing mode such as USB mode or the WiFi mode, then select an app of your phone in PerfDog and launch it in your phone

Step 4: View/Share Reports

View your test report in Dashboard/ at Local and Share data with team members. You could playback the record by import local file.

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