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Basic Process of Performance Testing

Organizations and developers usually have specific steps of Performance Testing, which could vary from one and another. Let us find out some basic Performance Testing steps.

Step 1. Identify tools and Test Environment

The first step is to identify the production environment, testing tools, and testing environment, which allows the testing team to design the test properly and identify performance testing challenges.


Step 2. Set Performance Criteria

Set metrics of successful performance testing results, such as response time, which is essential to determine your testing goals and demonstrate test success at the end.


Step 3. Design Tests

During this phase, identify typical real-world performance issues situations and consider your user variability to design tests for different use cases.


Step 4. Prepare Tools and Test Environment

Assemble the tools for your testing and configure the test environment before execution. With WeTest PerfDog, you can simply plug-and-play and there is no need for extra modification on hardware or apps.


Step 5. Run the Test

This is the phase where you execute the tests using your specific testing tools. After the test execution, you can check the test records and monitor your test results.


Step 6. Analyze, Report, and Retest

After receiving your first test results, analyze the data and share them with your team. Fix the performance bottlenecks and then run performance tests again until no more new issues are found.


Performance Testing Tool Recommendation - WeTest PerfDog


  • Plug-and-play, no need for extra modification on hardware or apps
  • Performance test & analysis tool for a fully mobile platform (iOS & Android)
  • All types of applications (games, apps, browsers, mini-programs, mini-games, H5, background system processes, etc.)
  • Quickly locating the performance issues without ROOT/Jailbreak
  • Plug-and-play, no need for extra modification on hardware or apps

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