【Korea】Collection and Use of Personal Data

Items to be CollectedName, enterprise email (collected when you register with email), telephone number (collected when you register with phone number), avatar, password, WeChat Work information, WeChat Work user name, WeChat Work avatar and OpenID (collected when you register with WeChat Work), Github information (ID, email, nickname, and photo, collected when you register with Github), Facebook information (name, avatar, email address, and other information available from Facebook, including the Facebook ID,collected when you register with Facebook), Google information (Google email address, Gmail account details, Google ID, display name and avatar, collected when you register with Gmail), Open ID, information on the apps you install (application name, package name, version number and icon), time zone, game installation package information, credit card information and transaction records (including Open ID, cost and product purchased, collected when you purchase products), quota, usage history and usage time of the service, and pressure test data (collected when the pressure test product is used), country, province and country code, device information, FPS, SDK version, network type and IP address (collected when APM is used).
Purpose of Collection and UseAccount creation and registration, confirmation of identity for the use of the services, administration of product and customer support services, operation and facilitation of the service (including maintaining transaction history), optimization of the service (including specifying users country and the corresponding language version), ensuring and maintaining the security of the service, and improving the operation of the service (including solving crashes and optimizing compatibility).
Period of Retention and UseRegistration information, payment management information, social media log in information, customer service information, WeChat Work information, testing information, quota management information and game installation package information are stored for the lifetime of your use of the service (i.e. until account deletion in accordance with your request), and then for 30 days.
Performance and analytics information are stored for 30 days.