Why Should We Need QA Outsourcing and How to Choose the Best Service Provider?

QA Outsourcing testing services is a widely popular trend in the IT industry. More and more software development projects require outsourcing software testing.

So why should we choose QA outsourcing?

Today, many companies outsource their software testing positions to IT talent outsourcing firms to reduce operational costs, employee expenses, and employment risks, which allows businesses to focus their resources on core areas and achieve better and faster growth.


Advantages of outsourcing software testing services

  • Highly specialized: Outsourcing companies are known for their expertise. They possess the appropriate tools, skilled professionals, and efficient teams to complete projects within the designated time frame. These independent testing organizations have access to robust and technologically advanced testing resources. They have also established their own expensive testing platforms and cloud infrastructure for testing purposes.
  • Cost reduction: These services contribute to lowering the operational costs of companies. By outsourcing services to suitable companies instead of building an in-house software testing department, costs can be minimized. These companies have achieved economies of scale that help reduce overall expenses.
  • Comprehensive quality management: The quality of any application is currently measured by user experience and their assessment of the application. Many organizations possess various certifications to meet the expected quality standards of end-users. Therefore, it is a win-win situation for both the development company and the outsourcing company, as users receive the desired quality level.
  • Focus on core capabilities: Outsourcing allows you to concentrate on your core competencies as an industry leader. You can prioritize your efforts on mobile application development and leave the remaining testing work to your outsourced testing company. This way, you can manage things effectively and achieve the best results.
  • Conflict avoidance: Conflicts between testers and developers are common in IT departments, especially when they work for similar enterprises. The struggle between these two parties mainly revolves around arguments about competence and who is more suitable for higher management positions. They end up blaming each other, which leads to conflicts that harm a company's reputation. Hiring outsourcing services seems to be a fitting solution in such cases to rescue your company.

How to select the best outsourcing service provider?

A good and reliable outsourcing service provider is crucial for achieving desired testing results. Before making your choice, consider the following factors:

  • Company reputation: Opt for a well-known company to save time and screening costs. Research the background and history of the chosen company, explore their case studies, and ensure their expertise and professionalism.
  • Expertise: The most skilled QA professionals generally hold certifications such as ISTQB/CTAL/CTFL, which demonstrate their technical capabilities. Therefore, you can check if the testing personnel of the company possess these certifications. Additionally, investigate and analyze whether their testing professionals have experience in vertical industries, as it leads to better quality.
  • Security: Data security has become increasingly important, and ensuring the confidentiality of information is a significant factor to consider. Many companies allow their employees to work in Offshore Development Centers (ODCs), where the team works exclusively on specific client projects and restricts access to external employees. ODCs are equipped with surveillance cameras for monitoring purposes, and they also impose restrictions on the use of mobile devices and storage tools to prevent data leakage.

Why choose WeTest for testing services?

WeTest is a top-tier testing service provider that has innovatively developed over 25 tools, obtained 68 valid patent technologies, and taken the lead in establishing multiple industry standards. They specialize in providing testing services for games and applications and have over ten years of experience in quality management. WeTest is your reliable and best choice.

In Conclusion

In this era of ever-evolving technology and increasing demand for software applications, outsourcing software testing has proven to be an effective strategy for organizations to ensure the quality, efficiency, and success of their projects. With QA outsourcing, companies can streamline their operations, access specialized skills, and stay competitive in the dynamic IT landscape, achieving their business objectives and delivering exceptional software solutions to their customers.

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