Maximizing User Experience with WeTest CrashSight's Support for Multiple Platforms (Part Two)

As a leading crash management platform, except for the basic features, CrashSight also has some optimized features such as crash capture, multidimensional analysis, stack restoration and so on.

Crash capture

WeTest CrashSight helps you solve the problem of repeated crash reporting caused by the Unity engine and report SIGABRT messages to quickly locate the cause of Abort. The tool can capture OOM crashes by monitoring the state machine during application operations, It helps you locate causes of crashes by providing more comprehensive crash context, such as memory, vRAM, and number of handles.

Multidimensional analysis

WeTest CrashSight's multidimensional analysis feature helps you collect emulator statistics. The tool supports automatic statistics collection of custom data as well as common subsequence recommendation for custom sequence data, scenario-specific statistics collection and data version comparison. It could automatically matches and analyzes system-level problems and custom problems.

Crashsight overview.png

Stack restoration

  • Optimizes the tracing logic on mobile devices based on the link register (LR) and minidump to improve the tracing stability.
  • Rebuilds the symbol table generation mechanism to increase the stack restoration speed by over 15 times.
  • Restores inline functions.

Data processing

Leverages the upgraded big data framework to greatly improve the real-timeness and stability of statistics.

Supports more search fields and combined multi-criteria search.

Bottom Line

Overall, WeTest CrashSight is a powerful and professional full-linkage crash management platform. With its advanced crash analysis capabilities, powerful data processing features, WeTest CrashSight can help mobile, PC and console developers locate and resolve issues more quickly and efficiently.

To get a glimpse of just how powerful WeTest Crashsight is and how it can help you report and resolve issues, click here .

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