Unlock the WeTest & Global KOL Special Offer Up to 90% Off

We are excited to announce that our global QA influencers have curated a set of exclusive offers for our customers.

We are excited to announce that our global QA influencers have curated a set of exclusive offers for our customers. In this era of metamorphosis, WeTest and Global KOLs have combined their strengths to bring you an unprecedented special offer. This is an opportunity for you to take advantage of a unique promotion that will reshape your testing experience and take a look at how WeTest to ensure the quality of your applications.

Special offer by WeTest Global QA KOLs

WeTest was established in 2014, as a Quality Open Platform is the official one-stop testing service platform for game developers. It is dedicated to helping developers tackle QA problems and create best experiences for their users. The KOLs, on the other hand with their wide reach and influence, play a pivotal role in shaping consumer behavior and trends. They will introduce our products on their channels. The cooperation between WeTest and global KOLs aimed at offering unparalleled benefits to the users. Tuan is the one of our most important KOLs who used WeTest PerfDog for long time in his channels, his channel ReLab has 800,000 subscribers. ReLab is a channel for in-depth review of technical products, dedicated to deliver the cutting-edge reviews. It provides an objective and accurate view to help you refer to and make the choice when deciding to purchase these technical products.

Enjoy Amazing Deals on Our Products

Here are some of the incredible deals only for individual account you won't want to miss:

PerfDog - 240 mins/year Only $15 ( Limits Quantity: 2 )

PerfDog - 600 mins/year Only $30 ( Limits Quantity: 2 )

PerfDog - 1500 mins/year Only $149 ( Limits Quantity: 1 )

Live Testing(Unmetered)- 1 parallel/month Only $35 ( Limits Quantity: 2 )

Automation - 1 parallel/month Only $141.6 ( Limits Quantity: 1 )


Why You Should Not Miss Out

Never before has such a comprehensive and value-packed offer been available. This unique collaboration between WeTest and Global KOLs has created a golden opportunity for tech enthusiasts to experience WeTest products with super low price.

So why wait? These offers are available for a limited time and in limited quantities. Join our global KOLs, who highly recommend WeTest products for your testing needs. Save up to 80% and don't miss out on these amazing deals! Learn more about our special offer, shop now and experience the power of WeTest products!

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