Software Testing Outsourcing Guide: Why Choose Testing Outsourcing?

Software testing outsourcing is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many companies because it can save a significant amount of time and effort.

Software testing outsourcing is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many companies because it can save a significant amount of time and effort. We know that multiple rounds of testing are essential for the final delivery of any software, and we have the option to either conduct the testing in-house or outsource it. However, outsourcing is becoming a popular trend.

In this blog post, we will share relevant information about software testing outsourcing that you should know:

What are the advantages and disadvantages of software testing outsourcing?
How to choose a reliable software testing outsourcing provider?


Why outsource software testing? Analysis of advantages and disadvantages

Software testing outsourcing refers to the practice of outsourcing the testing work of software to specialized testing service organizations, while the software outsourcing company focuses primarily on new product development.

Higher efficiency

Outsourcing undoubtedly provides higher efficiency. Even compared to automated testing, it can offer better technology and superior quality assurance. If you choose automated testing tools, it can be a significant upfront cost, and there is also a risk of missing vulnerabilities that manual testing can detect.

If you are developing a software application, you may lack the specialized API testing knowledge provided by an internal QA engineer. It can disrupt your workflow and create preliminary testing plans. Outsourcing this task to testing service experts who are familiar with mobile testing will ensure quick and effective testing.

Lower costs

Outsourced testing may incur significant expenses, but it will ultimately save your costs! After your development team has put in all the efforts to create software, they may not possess the necessary skills for testing. Instead of having them spend valuable time learning how to perform this operation correctly and conducting testing, outsourcing it to an excellent software testing outsourcing company will immediately solve this problem.

You can save costs in the following aspects:


• Human resources: You can reduce the cost of hiring a professional testing team.

• Time: A skilled team can complete tasks better and faster in a short amount of time.

• Equipment: You don't need to invest in expensive testing equipment and hardware.

Higher quality

Outsourced testing services also excel in terms of expertise. Their technical experience in various fields allows them to identify software issues more efficiently in a shorter time. Similarly, their knowledge from different domains can help maintain software quality based on user expectations.

Of course, outsourcing also carries some risks, such as:


Security is the first thing we need to consider. As part of the testing process, some sensitive customer and company information may be at risk of being leaked. Therefore, we need to review the privacy protection provided by the outsourcing service provider.


Some outsourcing companies may have a high turnover rate, which can be a significant factor of instability for a project. Additionally, the quality of outsourcing companies can vary, requiring careful selection and evaluation, which takes time and effort.

How to choose a reliable software testing outsourcing provider?

Choosing the right service provider for software testing is a challenging task. If the software falls into the wrong hands for testing, it will not only fail to achieve the intended goals, resulting in a loss of time and money, but it may also miss development opportunities.

When selecting a suitable outsourcing company, the following points should be considered:


  • Technical background: Since they will provide technical services to clients, the company should have sufficient technical expertise, patents, equipment, etc.
  • Quality of talent: The team should be dedicated to the testing project and responsible for the testing process. The team should also be scalable, allowing adjustments to its size based on current needs, becoming a customized high-quality testing team.
  • Clients and cases: Examine the company's track record, including its history of serving typical clients and successful cases. This is the most convincing aspect. If a company can outsource for well-known enterprises, it indicates the strong capabilities of the outsourcing company.


Furthermore, when contacting potential software testing partners, pay attention to the level of communication they provide:


  • Responsiveness to your requests.
  • Relevance of their answers.
  • Their understanding of your business goals and strategies.

Why choose WeTest for software testing outsourcing services?

  • Advanced technology and hardware: WeTest has innovatively developed over 25 tools and obtained 68 valid patented technologies. They also possess highly stable mobile rooms, independently developed hardware, and 40Gbps internet dedicated lines, ensuring stable and efficient testing processes.
  • Professional talent: There is a team of experienced testers who have set high-quality delivery standards in five dimensions.
  • Ample experience: Over 1 million developer users and 1000+ industry clients, including popular games from the Finnish mobile gaming giant Supercell.
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