How to Use New PerfDogService Demo


This tutorial will walk you through the process of setting up and running the new PerfDogService demo for performance testing.

Step 1: Download the Demo Package

Download the PerfDogService Demo package from the following link: Note that you must use PerfDogService v8.1 or above to support this demo.

Step 2: Quick Start of the Demo

  1. Install Python3: Download the latest Python3 version from the official website.
  2. Install the Python3 library: Install grpcio (1.43.0) and protobuf (4.25.1) using pip.
  3. Apply for a token: Visit to apply for a token.
  4. Open the software directory.

Step 3: Configure

Edit the file to match your testing environment and requirements.

Step 4: Use Command Line Tools to Obtain Device Information

Run the following commands to get device information, app list, system processes, supported performance indicators, and network templates:

# Get device list
python getdevices
# Get App list
python getapps device_id
# Get the current system process list
python getsysprocesses device_id
# Get the performance indicators supported by the current device
python gettypes device_id
# Get the current user's default and saved network templates
python getpresetnetworktemplate
# Stop PerfDogService
python killserver

If you need to test a Windows application later, execute the above commands in a terminal started in administrator mode.

Step 5: Configure Test Parameters

  1. Mobile device performance test: Update the obtained device ID and app packageName in
  2. PC performance test: Update the obtained process PID and the DirectX version used by the target process for rendering in
  3. Network test: Update the obtained device ID and app packageName in

Step 6: Modify and Run Test Scripts

Modify and run,, or according to your needs. You can enable/disable related performance indicator types and integrate your automated testing logic into these scripts.


  • If you no longer need to collect data, you must STOP the test, as it will affect billing. The service supports automatic data collection in the background, even if the script is not running.
  • You can use the script to stop the service, ensuring you don't encounter billing issues.

By following this tutorial, you can efficiently set up and run the new PerfDogService demo for performance testing on various platforms, including mobile devices, Windows applications, and network tests.

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