How to Apply Token for PerfDogService


A token is required to use PerfDogService for performance testing. This guide will walk you through the process of applying for a token.

Step 1: Log in to Your Account

First, log in to your account on the official website: If you have not registered an account, please register first. You can find the registration instruction manual at

Step 2: Apply for a Token

After logging in, click the PerfDogService button on the top bar of the homepage, or enter via the URL:

Click "Apply for Token" to enter the application page. If you are not logged in, a login box will pop up after clicking.

Fill in the required information. Note that non-enterprise/school registered email addresses cannot apply. Correctly filling in company information and application reasons can increase the approval rate.

After submitting the application, you can browse more in the PerfDog forum and help center while waiting. The approval process will take up to seven working days. Regardless of the outcome, an email will be sent to the user's email address.

Step 3: Manage Your Token

Once your token application is successful, you can manage it through the link provided in the email or on your personal page at

On the management page, you can disable the token if needed. Note that once the token is disabled, the service will go offline immediately and data cannot be saved.

Step 4: Use Your Token

Refer to the guide on using tokens at

By following these steps, you can apply for, manage, and use a token for PerfDogService, enabling you to conduct performance testing with ease and efficiency.

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