How to Test True Mobile Phones on Cloud with PerfDog


This guide will teach you how to use PerfDog to test true mobile phones on the cloud, using the wetest brand as an example.


Step 1: Click Remote Debugging on the upper right corner of the web page

a. Find and click the "Remote Debugging" button.

Step 2: Download the tool and copy the connection command

a. Follow the instructions on the web page to download the necessary tool and copy the provided connection command.

Step 3: Enter the command in the Command Window and press the Enter key

a. Open a Command Window on your computer, paste the copied connection command, and press the Enter key to establish a connection with the cloud mobile phone.

Step 4: Select the device and app in PerfDog to start the test

a. In the PerfDog client, choose the connected cloud mobile phone device and the app you want to test, then start the testing process.

By following this guide, you can effectively use PerfDog to test true mobile phones on the cloud, helping you optimize their performance and improve user experience.

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