How To Get 120 FPS On Xbox Series S | Overview


The release of the Xbox Series S offers gamers the opportunity to play on a console that is equipped with advanced features. The most frequently raised concern in the gamers community is how to get 120 fps on xbox series s games. Achieving this desirable frame rate is not an easy task; every little detail in the optimization as well as rigorous testing needs to be followed in the development process.

Understanding Xbox Series S Hardware

To understand how to get 120 fps on xbox series s, we need to start with the Xbox Series S hardware specs that include an 8-core AMD Ryzen Zen 2 CPU and an AMD Custom RDNA 2 GPU that is powerful enough to deliver astounding graphics performance with a maximum of 120 FPS rate for smoother gameplay. In addition, the Xbox Series S comes with 10GB of GDDR6 RAM and a fast NVMe SSD which both deliver the power for the games to run at their full potential.

The Xbox Series S hardware specifications form the basis for a great game with a good frame rate, and it is the responsibility of the developer to utilize the full potential of the GPU by optimizing both the code and the assets of the games. When discussing how to get 120 fps on xbox series s, console testers and developers improve the rendering pipeline and determine the areas which can be improved to achieve the desirable 120 FPS rate. The process also involves determining whether deferred rendering, forward rendering, or hybrid approach is a better approach considering the game's visual complexity and performance necessities.

Overview of Optimization Schemes

The graphics as in textures, models, and animations highly affect the game performance and the frame rate of the games. To maximize the performance of the Xbox Series S some of the advanced hardware features, such as Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) technology can be integrated to improve the quality of the game and achieve 120 FPS rate. VRR synchronizes the refresh rate of the display with the output of the console and it reduces the screen tearing ensuring that the gamers get smoother gameplay with a high frame rate.

The hardware resources of the Xbox Series S, including CPU cores, and GPU compute units, must be utilized effectively when developing the game to ensure its optimal performance with a high frame of 120 FPS. Game testers incorporate the techniques to test memory resource management and provide developers with solutions to optimize the game’s resource utilization and avoid creating bottlenecks.

Performance Analysis Tools

Game console testers act as the monitoring team to make sure that the game does not have any performance-related errors within gameplay and certain performance testing tools can be integrated to ensure a smooth game development process with achieving the high frame rates. These tools consist of in-depth analysis of the frames per second and frame rate drops or stuttering across various gaming scenes, environments, and game mechanisms. With details insights into the bugs, the game developers can efficiently fix them so that players get a seamless and enjoyable gaming experience.

Professional Testing Services

Optimum performance on the Xbox Series S can be obtained by bringing together console game testers and developers under one roof. Professional testers create useful test cases that ensure the game under the development phase undergoes all the checks related to game design, functionality, and performance in terms of achieving maximum efficiency from the hardware resources to achieve a higher framer rate and smooth gameplay before the game enters the real world.

WeTest, which is one of the leading companies, offers extensive console-performance services with a wide range of solutions for console game testing with a focus on all the required test cases to ensure that the game has high-quality gameplay for the users. The dedicated team of console game tester specializes in auditing a wide range of test cases to optimize the game performance on multiple platforms including Xbox/PS/Switch.


The steps on how to get 120 fps on xbox series s entail a lot of work. First, one needs to be well-versed with the console’s elaborate hardware structure and with efficient optimization techniques and rigorous testing processes. Console game testers along with the developers can pinpoint the lagging points by the efficient utilization of monitoring tools. The integration and utilization of the specialists' experience as well as the implementation of the advanced testing devices constitute the fact that the gamers can achieve a high frame rate in the gameplay.

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