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Our Strength

  • WeTest

    Experienced team

    Gold medal tester team, 10+ years of QA experience. With expertise in PC platforms, our industry-leading test experts in security, load testing, and other services are ready to customize solutions for you to ensure games work well online.

  • WeTest

    Advanced lab

    With high-speed iteration of GPUs, processors, and other hardware on the market, our lab is equipped with various combinations of software and hardware configurations that cover more than 70% of users. Provide overview data and conduct performance evaluation. We purchase equipment on a regular basis.

  • WeTest

    Leading technologies

    Based on the compelling big data and technologies accumulated over a decade, this end-to-end solution is designed with core technologies like AI and other self-developed technologies in performance, security, and social listening to effectively deal with QA issues on PC.

  • WeTest

    Data security

    All services are secure and compliant with international information security standards, such as ISO 27001 framework, ISO 20000 framework, and ISO 9001 framework. All personnel information are kept strictly confidential.



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During the DEMO period, FSight will provide word-of-mouth trends, find out the causes of the changes.

Supply recent hot events with key communication nodes, and analyse industry trends, that will help to understand how the game is adapted in the market.

Developer Guide
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    Contact customer service
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    Access to the game
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    Log in to pro.fsight.ai and start using
Service Process
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    Contact customer service to purchase
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    Propose demand
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    Wait for notification to view the report

Customer Stories

The solution safeguards LOL throughout its global operation
As a leader in global MOBA games, "LOL" has attracted more than 100 million active players per month around the globe. LOL adopts WeTest, an end-to-end pc game test solution, client performance testing to detect abnormal memory consumption in a timely manner and reduce the CPU and memory utilization to an ideal state for all types of CPU. Simulating millions of users, the scenario-specific load testing is performed for LOL. Cloud Check can accurately detect new plug-ins and quickly report samples.We cover over 75% of hardware, which minimize the risk of compatibility issues of the game. Monitor the feedback from players on US server/beta server/online server to make complete plans for public opinion monitoring, covering the entire product stage.

Customer Case


Getting Started

Requirements communication
Contact us to clarify the business goals and current situation.

Proposal and Quotation
Our technical experts will recommend a reasonable plan and purchase plan suitable for you according to your situation.

Test execution
During the test execution phase, new users need to register an account and contact customer service to create your enterprise account. Please refer to the product introduction pages for usage guide. After you purchase the quota, please submit the test and required materials in the console, and then wait for the report. Remote Debugging , Standard Compatibility , APM users please read the operating manual.

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