• WeTest

    Local Network

    Verify the overall network experience of products under local networks, find potential issues and ensure the network experience of products in the target area.

  • WeTest

    Server Connectivity

    Find the overall connectivity status of the sever, assist project teams in making server placement and configuration decisions to reduce unnecessary server overhead.

  • WeTest

    Log-in & Payment & Function

    Meet any needs of overseas testing, including login, payment, functionality, connectivity testing, etc. Help project teams understand overseas conditions and make better decisions.

Application Scenarios

Solve Local Network Issues
Solve Server Link Issues

Local network latency data & scenarios and link issues are not discovered in a timely manner, which seriously affects the user experience. Traffic usage is not monitored, resulting in high traffic consumption scenarios that cannot be optimized in time, which may damage the company's economy.

Expose the packet problem in advance, measure the game client latency and find corresponding high latency scenarios, verify network connectivity and locate the problem protocol, monitoring the traffic usage of different scenes of the game through video recording, verify network optimization strategies, provide the subjective feedback and experience of global players.

      • Poor data indicators of various types of local networks lead to increased latency and loss rates, and unstable server links, which seriously affect the normal use of the company's products.

        Understand in advance the overall network situation in the target, Collect local network metrics to give local network status by server ping, packet loss rate and bandwidth to assist the project team in making server decisions.

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            High Coverage

            Cover 20+ countries and Top3 ISP, multiple suppliers

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            Low Cost

            Flexible employment, lower hourly rate, testing experts, lower management cost, Industrialization process, efficient execution.

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            Robust Testing Tools

            Multi-dimensional index collection, front end with efficient data collection, back end with real time data analysis.

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            Efficient Communication

            Specialist consultant, own recruitment chain, fast respond, understanding testing methodologies.

          Getting Started

          STEP1: Appointment
          Contact Sales

          Determine the intention of testing and sign a cooperation contract.

          Target Confirmation

          The project team sets the requirements and goals for testing.

          STEP2: Execution
          Prepare Test Scenarios and Environments

          Customize the test plan, prepare the test environment, follow up the test progress and timely feedback.

          Manpower Cost

          Standardized service about 2-3 days (single country single ISP), advanced local network test about 7 days.

          Test Results Summary

          Based on the test content and statistical problem overview, output professional test report.