• WeTest

    Local Network

    Verify the overall network experience of products under local networks, find potential issues and ensure the network experience of products in the target area.

  • WeTest

    Server Connectivity

    Find the overall connectivity status of the server, assist project teams in making server placement and configuration decisions to reduce unnecessary server expenses.

  • WeTest

    Log-in & Payment & Function

    Provide comprehensive testing for your product, including login, payment, functionality, and connectivity testing, helping project teams understand global scenarios and make better decisions.

Is user experience hampered by network latency and connectivity issues?

Local network delays and connectivity problems that go undetected can severely impact user experience. Fail to monitor traffic use leading to delayed optimization for high traffic consumption scenarios, resulting in financial losses.

Identifying local network issues in advance, monitoring traffic use in different scenarios in games, proposing network optimization strategies, and providing unbiased feedback from players worldwide.


Lengthy game testing cycles impacting version release schedules?

Various indicators of the local server are bad, resulting in an increased delay rate and loss rate, and unstable server links, which seriously affect the use of the company's products.

To know the overall network status of the target area in advance and assist the project team in making server placement and management decisions by collecting local network indicators like server ping, packet loss rate, and local network status.


Lengthy payment procedures affect revenue and product reputation

Lack of information about real payments and channels makes it impossible to verify the feasibility of local payments. Frequent local payment problems lead to user churn.

Cover a variety of payment types, such as bank cards, e-wallets, Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. Real money top-up test helps you verify that your payment process is working as expected.


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  • WeTest

    High Coverage

    Covering 45+ countries Top3 ISP,and 50+ payment channels,multiple suppliers providing recruitment services for countries not covered according to customer needs.

  • WeTest

    Low Cost

    Flexible employment, lower hourly rate, testing experts, lower management cost, industrialization process, efficient execution.

  • WeTest

    Robust Testing Tools

    Multi-dimensional index collection, front end with efficient data collection, back end with real time data analysis.

  • WeTest

    Efficient Communication

    Specialist consultant, own recruitment chain, fast respond, understandable testing methodologies.

Getting Started

STEP1: Appointment
Contact sales

Determine the intention of testing and sign a cooperation contract.

Target confirmation

The project team sets the requirements and goals for testing.

STEP2: Execution
Prepare various testing scenarios and environments

Customize test plan, prepare test environment, follow up test progress and give feedback timely.

Manpower cost

Standardized service for about 2-3 days (one country, one ISP), advanced local network test for about 7 days.

Test results summary

Conclude an overview of problems based on the test content, provide professional test report.

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    Provide localization quality testing services for product translation versions
  • Crowd Testing
    Testers from around the world to test your product in real-world conditions
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