How Performance Testing Tool Helps us Improve Game and Application Quality

Nowadays, the #performance testing tool# has been applied to games and applications widely.

We released a topic discussion in our community recently, many KOLs has joined our topic discussion, So now let us share their experience regarding PerfDog.

Ryo-The KOL from Japan

Definitely WeTest PerfDog is the best performance testing tool!

I use WeTest PerfDog to collect performance comparison data for Android smartphones.

Android smartphone Benchmark Charts:

Benchmark scores alone are not comparable because there are too many irregularities such as benchmark boosts, so I'm measuring FPS and power consumption in actual gameplay.

WeTest PerfDog is indispensable for accurate comparative data.

Even with newer SoCs such as Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1, detailed data could be obtained without root privileges and easily compared.

When I showed WeTest PerfDog to a friend who had only been able to review performance by feel, he was delighted and said "Now I can provide compelling data to my customers!"

Chrissanto-The KOL from Indonesia

Hi, I'm Chris, a smartphone reviewer working for Jagat Review, a tech media company from Indonesia.

Our Youtube Channel:

I've been using PerfDog for around 2 years, and I want to share my experience regarding these questions.

(1) the best performance testing tool that I have used, and why?

Yes, Smartphone performance monitor tools are not as many as PC ecosystem. For a long time, I wish there is something like MSI Afterburner for smartphone, and finally in 2020, I found PerfDog. I think it is the only answer even until now. There are a lot of reason why PerfDog is the best tool for gaming performance analysis.

• Wifi Functions
Using cable attached from PC to Smartphone, it means our phones will be in charging condition, and it won't be ideal for game testing, since using it while charging will produce heat faster. Smartphone is not like Laptops that can bypass battery charging and boost the performance even faster. So the Wifi Function for data recording is really useful to prevent the phone produce heat faster. It is also really convenient because we don't need to always stay near our PC, we can move freely as long we are not too far from wifi connections.

• Easy To Use
Yes, I really like the UI, both from desktop app and the website. It didn't took long for me to learn how to use PerfDog, and also it does not require root to use it.

• Comparison Feature from the website.
Since we can upload the project to the server, the first benefit for us is we can access it anytime anywhere. Then the comparison tools really helps us to judge the smartphone by a lot of metrics.

(2) how performance testing helps my project/product improvement

We as reviewer become more objective, we can compare the data and we can know how is the sustain performance for gaming.

(3) talk about PerfDog (e.g. using experience, real case, best practice, expectations or other comments on PerfDog)

Like I said, the PerfDog it self is quite easy to use, it runs pretty well in most situation.

The complication usually come from the smartphone part like MIUI or any smartphone with less than 4GB RAM.
MIUI does not allow PerfDog to be installed via USB if we didn't login Mi Account and put our SIM Card first.

It can be fixed by installing the apk manually, but only MIUI does this, others can install PerfDog via usb easily.

The second complication that I often see is RAM. If the phone has less than 4GB RAM, Perfdog mostly will be force closed by the system even though we already set the battery setting to Unrestricted and the activate the Auto Start.

(4) expectation/suggestions towards the performance testing methods/tools
There are a lot of things I wish can be improved:

• Please add a feature to control UI Style on the smartphone side. We need to have bigger number to be displayed on smartphone screen so we can see it clearly from the camera perspective. When recording BRoll using camera, the data number is too small and our audience can't really see how the game runs.

I understand that we can explain by using the FPS Graph, but it will be better if we can show it on the screen too.

For references, nowadays companies have developed their own performance monitor.

• Xiaomi has Power Monitor, this feature can be found in developer settings.

• realme, Oneplus, and OPPO, have Game Tools, there is a feature called System Status, it will show FPS, CPU and GPU in a small floating windows.

• ASUS has their real-time info that can be found in their Game Genie.

• Samsung even has 2 monitoring tools. The first one is called GPU Watch, also can be found in Developer Settings. The 2nd monitoring tools is called PerfZ. It is an additional module from the main app called Game Plugins, and we can found it on Galaxy Store.

But sometimes, the numbers are not always accurate, for those who experiencing Samsung Frame Interpolation will understand the situation.

So even though they have their own performance monitor, I always trust PerfDog as my main reference.

• For more advance analysis, please work together with Qualcomm, Mediatek or other manufacturer, so we can collect other data variables consistently for every SoC they made, sometimes there are missing variables like GPU Clock and Temperature Data, and please make sure temperature data can be as accurate as possible.

• Add File Rename and Save Directory before the test start, not after the test finished. The app still run while we manage our file, and it consume our quota, it just a small detail to have more efficient work flow.

• Sometimes we can make a mistake, like click wrong buttons to stop, or we accidentally click cancel when we want to save the file. My question is why we can't save the current running project after that? We can reload but we cannot save the project, and sometimes we can forget to upload the excel to the server, why we can't upload our excels to the server manually?

I hope my experience can be useful, thank you!

Tuan-The KOL from Vietnam

Hi, I am Tuan Ngoc, the creator and the owner of ReLab YouTube Channel (

I and my team have 2 years using PerfDog as our main performance testing tool, and it helped us a lot with our professional unique tasks.This is a professional performance measurement tool developed by Tencent. It is specialized for game studios, game testers, or technology-specialized reviewers and YouTubers to be able to test the performance of the device in the clearest and most thorough way. There are many parameters not only FPS but also PIN, and power consumption. Since we use this software, it is much easier to evaluate the machine and more objective when using parameters.

PerfDog is simple to use and stable, and it supports a broad range of devices. Furthermore, it has a very rapid updating pace. Our organization, ReLab, used to have a lot of trouble finding acceptable software to assess FPS around a year ago. We had created "30M Gaming" material by the time we met PerfDog - evaluate mobile performance with 30 minutes of gameplay. As a result, ReLab was able to resurrect and become one of Vietnam's pioneering technological media firms in this field.

PerfDog supports most of the lastest SoCs, however, it still has some restriction with new iOS versions, which we have to wait for updates to do iPhone test on new iOSs. Plus, I would like to request PerfDog to add the function of measuring CPU temperature for iOS devices.

So far we're pretty happy with the experience on PreDog. However, companies like Apple, Samsung, and Vivo, have not shown full CPU and GPU specifications, hoping that in the future they can support more."

Han-The KOL from Korea

Hello, I am HAN, a reviewer who runs a YouTube channel in Korea.

YouTube channel

I've been looking for an accurate gaming performance test tool for a long time. In PC there was MSI afterburner, but in smartphone there was no such tool until now.

Without a doubt, WeTest PerfDog is the best gaming performance testing tool.

It is very accurate, fast and easy to use.

Until I used WeTest PerfDog, I could only convey my feelings to subscribers. Stutters softly or severely. etc.

However, for many people, this information is not accepted as objective data because it is invisible.

But after using PerfDog, people started to trust my performance data and I can speak with more confidence. You don't have to spend more time testing just to get a feel for it.

In addition, the easy-to-use interface without root privileges still brings great convenience.

This test program is truly amazing.

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