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Updated on: 2022-10-11 11:26


FAQs for SDK upgrade

1.After adding an abiFilter, the Android Studio will display the following prompt: “NDK integration is deprecated in the current plugin. Consider trying the new experimental plugin.”

Find the file in the project root directory and add:


2.When importing Demo, a prompt is issued stating that the SDK does not have the corresponding buildTools. How can this be changed? You can change the buildToolsVersion of build.gradle to your local version, as follows:

     buildToolsVersion "22.0.1"

3.When accessing the NDK, it can not be installed normally on the virtual machine, and states that it does not support the x86 architecture. You can configure an NDK support architecture in build.gradle, such as:

      ndk {
      //Set a supported SO library architecture
      abiFilters 'armeabi', 'x86'//, 'armeabi-v7a', 'x86_64', 'arm64-v8a'

4.The gradle compilation is very slow, and stopped at Gradle: Resolve dependencies’: app:_debugCompile’. This is probably because you requested to download a newer version of gradle. You can modify the root directory build.gradle to download an older version:

        dependencies {
        classpath ''

5.Why can’t I use the SDK normally after accessing it after initialization? Take the following three steps: configure the gradle, configure the permissions, and call the init method. Any advanced settings must be made prior to calling the init method. This includes:

        // Set the custom dialog layout update before calling the init method
        Beta.upgradeDialogLayoutId = R.layout.upgrade_dialog;
        // Call the init method
        CrashSight.init(getApplicationContext(), APP_ID, false);

6.Why did I upload the apk package and there is no upgrade prompt yet?

You need to create a new strategy in the upgrade to test the upgrade function.

7.What happens if I create multiple upgrade strategies?

The CrashSight background will issue a strategy at random.

8.How does CrashSight’s upgrade function allow the app to directly upgrade to the latest version? For example, the current version is 2.1 and the latest version is 2.3, and there is a version 2.2 in the middle; how do I set up the app to allow users to obtain the newest version? Can I directly upgrade to the latest version and skip the intermediate versions?

You can select the source version for an upgrade when configuring the policy. If you have configured multiple strategies, such as (versions 2.2 and 2.3 ), a single strategy will be chosen at random for distribution. You then just need to keep the strategy for the latest version (version 2.3) to directly upgrade to that version.

9.Do I need to integrate the CrashSight SDK to upgrade the SDK after integrating CrashSight?

This is not necessary. After upgrading the SDK, the CrashSight SDK is already included, and includes the crash reporting function.

10.Why did the system fail to detect the new version?

It may be that the Beta.checkUpgrade method was used directly in onCreate. This function needs to be activated during the update button’s click event.

11.The uploaded APK file shows that my current operation has violated the rules. What does this mean?

This probably means that your product contains sensitive words that triggered our automatic review mechanism. If you are sure that your product does not have any problematic content, please contact our customer service staff.

12.Is there a chat group for SDK upgrades? What is the number of the related QQ group?

There is a QQ Group for discussing SDK upgrades, number 429975901.

13.What are the specific upgrade strategies?
At present, we offer the following upgrade strategies:

  • The MD5 is not empty and they are equal, no strategy will be issued.
  • If the configuration is fully upgraded, the versionCode of the current version < the VersionCode of the strategy configuration, and the strategy will be issued.
  • If the configuration is not fully upgraded, the versionName_versionCode < the versionName_versionCode of the strategy configuration, and the strategy will be issued.

14.Does your SDK include the support-v4 package?

The SDK will not package the support-v4 package, but we need you to import the support-v4 package, otherwise there will be an error stating that a type cannot be found.

15.Does the SDK upgrade support multiple languages?

At present, we support custom copywriting to set languages in pop-up windows, but the web background does not yet support multi-language configuration.

16.The initialization is completed and the upgrade strategy has been set, but no dialog for upgrading popped up.

Check whether the version of the APK package you uploaded is more recent than that of the local version, and whether an upgrade strategy is configured in this version.

17.After clicking Upgrade Next Time (and fully closing the application), when will the next upgrade occur?

The time of the next upgrade will be during the next startup or when the user manually checks for updates.

18.Is the closed beta test update a full update or an incremental update?

It is an incremental update.

19.Why is the closed beta test distribution limited to only 1,000 users by default?

This is done in order to prevent the uploading of illegal applications. If a legal product has a limit on its number of total downloads, you can add our group and tag us in a message to increase the online value of your app.