WeTest Long-term Cooperation Partner Introduction- Indonesia KOL Chrissanto(The Second Issue)

WeTest PerfDog has become a performance testing tool used by users all over the world. Recently, WeTest international community launched a global discussion on “performance testing tools” and received comments and videos from YouTube KOL.

In our last article, we have introduced the Japan KOL Ryo, Today we will share with you about another KOL from Indonesia who has long-term cooperation with WeTest PerfDog.

Chrissanto-YouTube Channel Jagat Review, which has 1.44 million fans in this channel, JagatReview is a Startup made by a group of passionate Indonesian tech reviewers and seasoned experience editors, dedicated to deliver the cutting edge reviews. In Sanskrit, “Jagat” means “The Universe”, so “Jagat Review” literally means “Universe of Reviews”. The channel is dedicated to bringing Asian perspective and vast market. Chrissanto has issued 60 testing videos regarding PerfDog. His video link is, he also joined our Community Hot Topic Plan and shared his views about PerfDog, his comment link is

At present, WeTest PerfDog supports testing on any Android/iOS mobile devices, such as mobile phones, iPad/iWatch, Android emulators, etc. It also supports PC and switch now. It is based on a smooth user experience, it will strive to provide more convenient operation and comprehensive, accurate data.

The global users of WeTest international community are discussing: 

Performance Testing Tool-PerfDog. Welcome to read the original text and join the discussion!

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