What can PerfDog do

Recently, WeTest international community launched a global discussion on "performance testing tools", many KOLs said PerfDog is the best testing tool they've ever used.

Recently, WeTest international community launched a global discussion on "performance testing tools", many KOLs said PerfDog is the best testing tool they've ever used. In the past, smartphone performance monitor tools are not as many as PC ecosystem, for a long time, people wish there is something like MSI Afterburner for smartphone, and finally they found PerfDog.

Mobile Platform Performance Tool-PerfDog

PerfDog is a full mobile platform performance test and analysis tool launched by WeTest, a one-stop testing service platform for game developers powered by Tencent. PerfDog quickly locates and analyzes performance issues without requiring additional settings in mobile hardware, games, or applications. With its extreme simplicity and plug-and-play capability, this tool has been recognized and praised by many game testers and developers. What can PerfDog do include:

  • Performance test&analysis tool for full mobile platform(iOS & Android)
  • All types of applications(games, apps, browsers, mini programs, mini-games, H5, background system processes, etc.)
  • Quickly locating the performance issues without ROOT/Jailbreak, improving the performance and quality of apps and games.
  • Extremely simplified, plug-and-play, no need of extra modification on hardware or apps

Moreover, PerfDog could collect detailed performance data just as belows:

In total, PerfDog could locate your performance issues quickly and collect detailed performance data to improve the performance and quality of apps. Whatever size of company you are, performance monitoring and testing is a critical part of the success you will have. Performance testing matters more than ever. Create your best mobile apps today by identifying and fixing potential performance issues.

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