Tips to Overcome Test Automation Challenges

Automation testing is a highly effective tool that could speed up the software testing procedure and lead to a boost in productivity, In our last article, we have pointed out some of the common challeges in test automation.

1. Investing progressively in automation tools

It is always advised to invest progressively and adopt automation tools. We do not suggest invest all at once to overcome the challenge of high initial investment costs.

2. Using industry-leading test automation tools

You could choose the industry-leading tools as they are trusted and used by some leading companies to overcome the challenge of selecting the right automation testing tool. Besides, these tools has excellent community support.

3. Ensuring Adequate Test Automation Coverage

The infrastructure can help ensure the appropriate amount of coverage. When testing applications against multiple browsers and operating system combinations, test scripts must run in parallel to run each test against the configuration in a reasonable amount of time.

4. Communicating and Collaborating with teammates effectively

We must present the cost and benefit analysis and the Return on Investment (ROI) analysis to the upper management team. You could also embrace and adopt DevOps processes that break the silos between developers and testers and ensure seamless collaboration.

With WeTest Automation, automation becomes easier and solves most of the problems mentioned in last article.

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