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Application Performance Monitoring-PerfSight(APM)

Updated on: 2021-09-17 15:22

How to obtain appid?

Gcloud SDK will assign the id uniformly.

Is there a time requirement for the interface call of the quality setting? What are the requirements for SetQuality call timing

This is a global state, regardless of the timing of the call. If there is any modification in the game, the revised one will prevail.

Where can I find the default model-binning file? It seems that it is not found in the SDK data.

The user should complete local configuration, and we will report it to the cloud.

Can I set the frequency of network delay reporting by myself?

The reporting frequency can be determined according to the actual needs of the project.

.a of apm iOS only supports arm64?

It is not currently supported. armv7 only supports phone models earlier than 5s.

I have not yet connected to MSDK, and do not have an openid. How do I report?

If MSDK is not yet connected, you can report the user ID assigned by the game (ensure uniqueness)

If reporting is successful, can you view the data?

When is single user data reported? How long does it take to find? Why is my excellent amount of data lost?

If it you quit the game normally, as long as the scene is switched, a report will be submitted. There is another possibility that you directly killed the game process, in which case it will be reported next time the game is launched.

Why is the ios platform unable to see traffic data?

All network traffic data of the iOS platform is empty. For the iOS platform, APM can only collect the traffic of the whole machine, and does not collect the traffic of the specific application. Therefore, in order to avoid a misunderstanding, there is no data display for this aspect; APM will continue to study the traffic capturing of a single application to improve this function;

The traffic on the Android platform is abnormally large. Why?

Check to see whether the Unity Profiler is enabled when the test is confirmed, which may result in abnormal traffic.

Why do the PSS statistics achieved by Android not match reality?

The APM SDK uses the api interface method of Debug.getPss to retrieve the PSS memory, and the adb shell dumpsys meminfo finally calls this method to retrieve the memory, but due to the permission (shell permission), the interface method can not retrieve the occupation of the memory.

Why is the ios CPU usage value greater than 100%?

The CPU usage of iOS is based on multiple cores, which means that the CPU usage is not actually exceeding 100% and the actual maximum is100% of the CPU. This part of APM is consistent with XCODE, so it is normal.