Explore WeTest's Different Types of Software Testing Professional Services

In this post, we will explore the different types of software testing services offered by WeTest. if you are someone developing software and want someone to test them with state-of-the-art techniques and by an experienced team? then read this post to learn what WeTest has to offer.

Over the past decade, West has been gradually catching up with the industry standards and now enjoys a leading position in software testing and other solutions. Among different types of software testing and optimization services, WeTest's most used services are its mobile app and PC game services: 

App Testing: 

Desktop and mobile software development requires a series of debugging and testing to make a smooth experience for the developers and the end users. WeTest also provides state-of-the-art testing services for smartphone apps. These services are available for both the leading mobile operating platforms on the planet i.e., Android and iOS. To get these services, register for free on the platform of Wetest, head to the portal titled “Automated Testing" and you will find more options for testing your software.

The service includes testing every function point in the app or game being developed. This includes all the scenes being developed in the game story and gameplay, general test cases, and type-specific gameplay s well. This testing is done by industry specialists and game veterans with rich testing and debugging experience. running test cases and assistance in designing these test

PC Game Testing:

WeTest has a strong profile of professional cooperation to develop and test numerous AAA games and the world's leading game developers involved in the world's most iconic games. Discover the most humble, award-winning, and experienced team with a decade of experience in testing, troubleshooting, and optimizing in the gaming industry. They are trained for security tests, load testing, and optimization for a smooth online gaming experience. This manpower is coupled with the industry's best hardware including top-tier GPUs, Top of line processing units, and the best possible cooling systems to provide the tester with the best possible working environments so that WeTest service won't bottleneck in any condition. 

These services are implemented under the industry-leading international security standards of ISO 9001, ISO 27001, and ISO 20000 with a top priority of security for personal information. The testing labs also simulate hardware conditions that match more than seventy percent of the consumers. This allows for better testing and optimization of the games. The techniques also use core technologies of AI and big data to get better optimized end-to-end testing services which directly affect the security and performance of the games.

WeTest has also gained strong confidence from its customers for other software services including testing of network, server, client performance, functional testing, compatibility, game crowd, crash reporting, and APM and social testing. The company has maintained a strong portfolio of clients with a multimillion user-per-month record like Riot games, Lilith, Dena, and many other AAA games who have put confidence in different types of software testing from WeTest. Many leading mobile hardware and software operating companies are also in the portfolio of WeTest including Vivo, Call of Duty mobile, PUBG (Tencent Games), Supercell, and more. 

Another great area where Wetest was able to receive a strong positive response from the industry is the crash management and real-time reports. A professional and accurate alert service for crash logging and their root causes in a multi-dimensional search service is what WeTest has earned its reputation for. This also includes investigation targeting a specific model number of hardware, network, and other possible scenarios. WeTest also provides a reliable upgrade platform bypassing the native app stores of mobile operating software. Getting started with WeTest is very easy, just head to the contact us section where a dedicated team of professionals will ensure that your requirement is logged and are then given proper proposals and quotations as soon as possible. Once the services are complete, the test execution phase is initiated. in the end, one will get remote debugging, standard compatibility, and reports for other metrics that one may need.

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