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Manual Testing

What is Smoke Testing in Software Engineering?

One of our new interns asked us this question what is smoke testing in software engineering? This brought us to the decision of writing this blog post. Read till the end to learn about everything related to the basics of Smoke Testing and its implications.

What are the Different Types of Testing in Software Engineering?

In this blog post, we will talk about the common types of testing in software engineering and their most essential concepts which every newbie or veteran of the software world should know.

How to Test Software Manually | Types, Pros, Cons

The post is all about the trending question of how to test software manually and why it is done in the software development world. Read till the end as we lay down everything related to the concepts of manual testing.

Types of Manual Testing | Basic Concepts & Explanation

Interested in learning manual testing and types of manual testing? If yes, then this blog post is all about them and clarifies all concepts.

Testing Basics: How Do You Prioritize Manual vs Automated Testing?

This blog post is all about the trending query of "how do you prioritize manual vs automated testing". If you are just starting with your next software project, then this article is for you.

Benefits of Automated Testing and its Effect on an Organization

In this post, we will discuss the amazing benefits of automated testing and how it stacks up to the classic manual testing techniques and is now changing the industry.