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How to troubleshoot game performance problems? — — Performance Optimization

Good game performance is a necessary component for quality gameplay. However, Game performance problems caused by bugs, hardware problems, or inefficient coding, such as slow frame rates, can often occur and negatively affect the player experience.

Challenges that Game Developers faced during 2020

COVID struck and affected many people and industries. The game industry seemed to be well placed to weather the pandemic initially. But in fact, COVID is a double-edged sword, as it creates both opportunities and challenges for game developers at the same time.

Basic Process of Performance Testing

Organizations and developers usually have specific steps of Performance Testing, which could vary from one and another. Let us find out some basic Performance Testing steps.

Advantages of Performance Testing

In DevOps process, performance testing of your apps is something you should always have in place.

Why Automate Your Tests With WeTest

WeTest provides cloud-based mobile application testing service that allows you to perform automated testing in popular frameworks. Through real Android and iOS devices, WeTest automated testing helps you troubleshoot issues in the whole development and operations lifecycle.

The Benefits of Using Cloud-based Automated App Testing

Use cloud-based WeTest automated testing for a maintenance-free QA experience of physical infrastructure and speed testing experience.

How To Choose Right Tools For Your Test Automation

The popularity of automated testing has been rising and there are increasing number of tools in the market. Because automated testing can contribute to your QA projects as well as increase your ROI, so choosing the right tool is significant.

How to automate Unity Games using Altunity Tester

In today’s competitive mobile market, mobile app development teams have realized that they need to speed up the pace of releases to meet their customer expectations.

PerfDog v7.1 New Features Update

Our service is always updating. Let's find out what we have improved in the last few months.

How PerfDog Can Help You Improve Your Product Quality

WeTest PerfDog, a professional one-stop performance infrastructure services, provides performance testing and analytical solution for all types of applications.
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