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Analyze Result
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Analyze Result

Updated on: 2022-09-26 16:32

After each test run, you can find your test results in Test analysis.

  • Go to Automated Testing > Test analysis, All your test results in one view.
    View Report0

  • Click the View to go to the details.
    View Report2

The Test Analysis can be divided into four parts.

Part 1:Test Overview

App and script information, both of them can be downloaded.
Test Overview

Part 2:Test Result

Test overview.
Test Result

Part 3:Device Analytics

Overview of the testing devices.
Device Analytics

Part 4:Device Session & Performance Analysis

You can see the test result and performance of each device.
Device list


View the details of each device

Click the View button on the right side of the device list, you can see the test details of each device.
View the Details

  • Basic Infomation of the device
    Basic Infomation

  • Session Details
    Session Details

  • Screenshot

  • Log

  • Performance

  • Video