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Managing Devices
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Managing Devices

Updated on: 2022-09-26 15:40

WeTest Device Group offers a set of real devices based on your preference which are being used for Automated Testing in any framework.

  1. Create your device group
  • You have two options

    • Option1: when you create an Automation Test, click Use Choosen Devices, then select devices and save them as a group
      Choose Device2

Save List

  • Option2: Go to Device Group, click Add a group to create
    Device Group Menu
  1. Edit your device group
  • you can manage all device groups in Device Group tab.
    Device Group Page

    • Click the Edit to change the device group.
      Edit Device Group

    • Manage the devices which are wanted in the device group.

    • Click Add to put device into the device group list.
      Add Device

    • Remove the selected device from the device group by clicking Remove.
      Remove Device